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Strategic Digital Asset Advisory (SDAA)

Strategic Digital Asset Advisory (SDAA)

Digital cryptographic assets as an investment are becoming an essential part of the new business world. The journey starts!

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Our experts provide tailor-made education. Please contact us in case you are interested.

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Strategic business consulting for Web 3.0 solutions

Strategic business consulting for Web 3.0 solutions

The recently discovered field of digital assets is enjoying increasing interest and demand for investment and innovation solutions, as well as new digital marketing strategies for your business model. Get inspired by highly profitable revenue streams.

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Unlock the full potential of Digital Finance

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The crypto and NFT market is exciting but volatile and moreover 95% of all projects are without “use-case”.

The crypto hype brings many promises that will not generate alpha in the long run. We give investors the opportunity to invest professionally in the blockchain world.

Performance matters. 

Invest in what you feel most comfortable.

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Our corporate culture is characterized by Swiss values and virtues.


Providing excellent service for our partners and clients at all times is our top priority.


Our credo is to always act in the interest of all our stakeholders. That is why we at PTGR AG attach the greatest importance to transparency.


The decentralisation of power and sole ownership of assets are key elements that make distributed ledger technologies so exceptional.

PTGR AG is efficient & effective.

We know that your time is precious and that you want to invest your crypto investments efficiently and effectively. That’s why we show you how to invest your investments professionally and efficiently and keep an eye on your portfolio’s performance every second.

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We have delighted customers and excellent strategic partners:

Global Expertise with a Swiss Cut.

The growing demand for investment opportunities in digital assets is on the rise due to continuous regulation and increasing adoption. The user base of cryptocurrencies and other blockchain-based assets is constantly growing. This is increasing the demand for professional financial advice.

PTGR AG combines automated trading capabilities with traditional as well as AI-driven crypto trading strategies, taking into account portfolio management standards. By merging trading strategies into an investment concept and then transferring them into a traditional investment vehicle, PTGR AG offers to a broader investor base access to these sophisticated trading strategies with return opportunities.

PTGR AG works on robust strategies from which clients can benefit strategically as well as tactically.

“The road to success is always a road of passion, people and performance.”

- Dr. Pan Theo Grosse-Ruyken - CEO of PTGR AG

Optimize Your Portfolio with Digital Assets.