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Strategic Digital Asset Advisory (SDAA)

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Strategic Digital Asset Advisory (SDAA) at a glance

The entry into the world of digital investing:

High annual interest guaranteed instead of negative interest on your bank account? We create tailor-made portfolios for our clients so that they benefit from the developments in blockchain technology.

In cooperation with professional research institutes, projects have to undergo an extensive due diligence process before taking on a strategic position. When creating a portfolio, we focus on onchain fundamentals, risk management, diversification and passive income strategies.

Our Investment Strategies


Crypto Wallet Consulting

  • Investments from CHF 500
  • Personal consultation and education (max. 2 hours)
  • One off setup process of a centralized and decentralized wallet
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Crypto Consulting

  • Investments from CHF 1’000
  • Personal consultation  and education (max. 3 hours)
  • One off setup process for holistic portfolio
  • Ideal coin allocation
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Professional Crypto Consulting

  • Investments from 10’000 CHF
  • Evaluation of Status Quo
  • Set-up Process
  • Investment Ideas: Based on short list of best in class investments
  • Investment Strategy: Pre-Defined
  • Portfolio review: 1x p.a.
  • Portfolio Quality meeting: 4x p.a.
  • Portfolio Quality alerts: No
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Strategic Crypto Consulting

  • Investments from 25’000 CHF
  • Everything from BASIC
  • Investment Ideas: Based on short list of best in class investments
  • Investment Strategy: Pre-Defined
  • Portfolio Review: 4x p.a.
  • Portfolio Quality meeting: 8x p.a.
  • Portfolio Quality alerts: Yes
  • Education Deck
  • 25% discount on all Education Packages
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Strategic and Tactical Performance Consulting

  • Investments from 50’000 CHF
  • Set Up Process
  • Fully bespoke
  • Investment Strategy: Exclusive, based on individual needs
  • DeFi / passive Income Strategy
  • Portfolio Review: 12x p.a.
  • Portfolio Quality meeting: 12x p.a.
  • Portfolio Quality alerts: Yes
  • Education & Support of Futures Trading/Signals
  • Education Deck for Crypto Trading and Crypto Ecosystem included
  • 50% discount on all Education Packages
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Consulting and Cooperation

  • Investments from 50’000 CHF
  • Set-up Process 
  • Fully bespoke
  • Investment Strategy: Exclusive, based on individual need
  • Portfolio Review: at any time
  • Portfolio Quality review: 12x p.a.
  • Portfolio Quality alerts: Yes
  • Instructions for Trading Signals
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Do you already have a clear investment strategy?

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What makes us unique:

Our investment philosophy

Strategic Digital Asset Advisory (SDAA)

A new economic system

Digital cryptographic assets as an alternative investment class are becoming an essential part of the new business world. Almost every day new institutions open their doors to the digital finance world. The journey starts…

However, 95% of all coins have no significant use case and hence are de facto worthless. Professional advice is important in order to avoid poor investment decisions. You should not invest in what you don’t understand fully. Our consulting approach is based on a core & satellite approach. This means that we use the most important coins (core) to target the core capital investment and with excellent, selected coins that promise a good use-case (satellite), we aim to generate returns in order to strengthen the core again. We advise you structurally, professionally and transparently. And you never transfer us any funds – thanks to blockchain your funds always stay with you

Our SDAA unit (Strategic Digital Asset Advisory) actively supports you in the strategic positioning of your investments.

SDAA at a glance

SDAA is a diversified financial service of PTGR AG and an investment management innovator in the field of digital assets, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.
We see technology as an enabler and not as a replacement, so we are highly motivated to accelerate the mass adoption of blockchain technology. That is why we established SDAA.

SDAA is built of active and high-profile research partners and financial service providers. Our dynamic team has a background in finance, banking, and IT, and has in-depth knowledge of blockchain technology.


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