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Funds to generate Alpha.

The recently discovered field of crypto assets is enjoying increasing interest as well as demand for investment solutions.

With the integration of selected strategies from the field of automated trading into an easily accessible, regulated product, PTGR AG is one of the “first movers”.

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First actively managed fund by PTGR AG in 2023

Besides our professional SDAA consultancies, we are also strategically positioning ourselves as a future-oriented partner with powerful performance. PTGR AG will provide you an AI bot trading actively managed fund, from which you can benefit thanks to the advantages of successful “trading algos”.

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Exponential demand for investment opportunities in digital assets is expected due to steady regulation.

As a result, the demand for investment vehicles is also increasing. Meanwhile, there are some passive investment vehicles that offer investors the opportunity to invest in this sector.

The opportunities in the actively managed area are accordingly very rare. This circumstance also leads to better market opportunities within the crypto market compared to the traditional markets.

With the integration of selected strategies from the field of automated trading into an easily accessible regulated product, PTGR AG is among the first movers.

Automated trading capabilities are combined with traditional portfolio management standards. The combination into an asset management framework and the subsequent packaging into a traditional investment vehicle allows access and distribution to a broader audience.

The combination of high demand and a scarce regulated professionally managed product offering increases opportunities for investors.

We offer automated bot trading on your Binance wallet and an actively managed fund starting Q3/2023. If you are interested, you can get on our pre-list. We will give you 15% discount with it.

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