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Get ready for the future with innovative and customized Web 3.0 solutions for your business.
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Strategic business consultancy for highly profitable Web 3.0 solutions

We combine our expertise with digital insights to help our clients accelerate sustainable, profitable and inclusive growth.

Learn to use strategic digital principles to your advantage with PTGR AG Consultancy and stay ahead of disruption. Benefit from our high quality and deep knowledge in fundamental research and program implementation. Benefit from our excellent quality network, which in combination with PTGR AG Consultancy will lead your project to success. Our solutions are multi-optional and ensure that technical, financial and legal aspects are covered to provide you with the best available product and service.

PTGR Consultancy supports private and public sector clients with digital strategy and technology challenges. We combine strategies with transformative technologies to help organizations innovate more sustainably, achieve lasting performance improvements, and develop digital finance solutions that will thrive in the next decade.

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Discover new and highly profitable revenue streams

Non Fungible Tokens (NFT)

The added value to any business model.

The characteristics of NFT identification of unique, virtual objects offers enormous potential to creative campaigns, as well as completely new business models plus unique interactions with your customers.

We support a number of NFT and Metaverse projects for Corporates and athletes as part of our digital finance management consulting services.

We have a network of global partners with the relevant expertise that goes from research to implementation. Our partners solutions are multi-optional and cover all the technical, financial and legal aspects.

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Become a pioneer – with the newest digital marketing strategies.

We believe in combining unique business cases with immersive experiences to boost users engagement and increase revenue.

We create a compelling connection between storytelling and technology by creating unique, high-quality, and surprising universes that their users can enjoy and you can benefit from.

All our projects are oriented to our target group, with user-centered product development having a clear focus on the corporate strategy.

Our goal is to develop products that your users will love – within your time frame and budget.

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We offer tokenization as a service for all types of assets, setting a global standard.

The potential of asset tokenization is theoretically unlimited, as almost any real-world asset can be brought onto the blockchain, enabling investment in illiquid assets for a wide range of investors.

Trading hours are also significantly expanded, as trading on the blockchain can basically take place around the clock. In addition, the costs for such transactions decrease significantly. Another advantage is the low susceptibility to errors, as human errors can be almost completely eliminated.

Asset classes such as real estate, art or exotic vehicles have been able to show impressive returns in recent years, making them promising alternatives to traditional asset classes. However, disintermediation in the trading of digital assets also brings significant and, depending on the case, individual advantages for issuers. Let us advise you.

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Extended Reality (XR)

What seemed like science fiction a few years ago and was often associated with the gaming scene is now becoming reality and increasingly shaping our everyday lives and your business model.

This is because augmented, mixed and virtual reality (collectively: extended reality, XR) have developed a rapid dynamic in recent years.

We create a compelling connection between storytelling and technology by creating unique, high-quality and surprising universes that their users can enjoy and you can profit from. Let our professionals and artists guide you for unique results.

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Take advantage of web 3.0-solutions and increase your revenue.

Create innovative experiences and unique access points with new business models.

Build strong global digital communities with existing customers or fans as well as new prospects.

Create an addicting layer between storytelling and technology by creating unique, high-quality, and surprising universes that our users enjoy.

Double your profits with a new innovative and exclusive strategic marketing platform.

Become a Pioneer in this new developed area!

Creating shared values thanks to digital and blockchain-based solutions for clients as well as business partners. All our projects are oriented towards the needs of our clients, with user-centric product development and a clear focus on your business strategy and return on investment.

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