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Education and training in Digital Finance.

Transform knowledge into impact and drive innovation in your organization with PTGR EDU, our flagship online business programs.

One of the few crypto business programs to achieve excellent feedback from hundreds of participants, PTGR EDU provides tailor made web-seminars in several formats – all taught by specialists and our experts from renowned universities and institutions.

Key Benefits

Crypto Experts – all with academic background and teaching experience

Benefit from SVEB (Swiss Federation for Adult Learning) certified instructors

Rediscover a level of authenticity and a renewed passion for “what’s next.” with professional crypto advisors and subject experts

Expand your experience and knowledge with a privat education session or in a small group

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Our experts offer you customized Web-Seminars and Power Session Courses in cooperation with renowed universities.

All courses are held online in English and German, and at different times (lunchtime and evening), so we can offer more flexibility. After each successful course you will receive a certificate.

Invest into yourself – The best way to get financially independent. Understand the crypto ecosystems and generate an alpha performance in your portfolio. Performance matters!

Education in the Crypto Ecosystem

Our seminars are informative, compact, and understandable for EVERYONE. Seminars are held throughout the year at various times (noon, evening, weekend).



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FEBRUARY 11, 2023



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FEBRUARY 7, 2023



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Power Sessions

From expert to future expert! Here’s your chance to become a real professional. We offer specific Power Sessions for best practices and an effective knowledge transfer in the following areas:

Proof of Work & Proof of Stake


Next Course:
MAY 11, 2023


Chart Analysis


Next Course:
APRIL 6, 2023


Coin Valuation & Due Diligence


Next Course:
APRIL 8, 2023


Wealth Management


Next Course:
MAY 18, 2023


Web 3.0 – the Web of tomorrow


Next Course:
FEBRUARY 9, 2023


Innovative Blockchain Business Models for Entrepreneurs


Next Course:
MAY 6, 2023


Blockchain Interoperability


Next Course:
FEBRUARY 4, 2023

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Next Course:
JUNE 3, 2023


Metaverse, NFT and GameFi


Next Course:
June 15, 2023

Private Investment Circle - Limited

Become part of our exclusive crypto community, which is limited to 10 persons per quarter.

In the Private Investment Circle we first cover the most important aspects from the Web-Seminars I&II. You will benefit from the exchange of experiences with our leading experts as well as from the following topics:

Cryptos – Your chance to become a millionaire?

Strategic Asset Allocation – How do you diversify and invest intelligently with maximum returns?

Risk Management – How can you profit from volatility when others lose?

Tactical Coin Selection – How can you increase profitability and how do you choose the right coins?

If you are interested, please reach out to us:

Doctor of Business Administration

Important key data:

Start: Anytime

Duration: 6-14 semesters

Location: Online

ECTS: 180

Fee: approx. CHF 35,000

Admission requirements: ECTS 250 and a master’s degree or level 6 & 7 master’s training and further education

Degree: Doctor of Business Administration

…an unique German-speaking doctoral program:

PTGR EDU enables you to take part-time, German-language online doctoral studies in the areas of digital finance, blockchain, crypto ecosystem, marketing, supply chain management and in the areas of strategic leadership. The flexible DBA is carried out at Middlesex University in London in cooperation with KMU -Academy

PTGR EDU offers you an online DBA program to obtain a doctorate (DBA/DR.). You will be guided and supervised by our managing director, Dr. Grosse-Ruyken. The part-time DBA program is divided into two phases. The first phase consists of reflection work, an individual study exam and the creation and evaluation of the exposé. After successful completion, you will write your dissertation in the second phase and defend it in front of an academic committee of the Middlesex University London.

We leverage insights from own research and from prestigious institutions:

If you are interested in furthering your education and building your wealth, contact us through the link below.